CoolBlu Cooler


CoolBlu Locking Cooler in White or Black - Pricing inlcudes surcharge

1. All in One Cooler
Each CoolBlu Cooler comes with a Health Lock that can be enabled or disabled.
CoolBlu is the ONLY cooler in the marketplace today offering this feature.


• Provides greater flexibility and response time to customer requests or immediate changes.
• Minimizes the number of coolers one needs to keep in inventory.
• Saves time and money from having to physically change out coolers on

2. Modular Refrigeration Deck / with Lift System
The complete refrigeration deck can be removed from the front of the machine within minutes saving time and money. CoolBlu Coolers have one Standard deck that fits across all models. The lift system inside CoolBlu is truly one of a kind.


• Gives you full control over the maintenance of your cooler. No need to call a
third party for repairs which usually means increased down time.
• Service Technicians only need to carry one deck which will work in either a food
or beverage coolers reducing your inventory and spare parts budget
• Virtually anyone can change out a CoolBlu refrigeration deck.

3. Intuitive LED Lighting System
When using a CoolBlu Cooler as a Health Lock Cooler, and the temperature goes above 41 °F, the LED Lights inside the cooler turn OFF.

• Serves as an indicator to the consumer and service technicians that the cooler is
“LOCKED” and needs attention.

4. Wide Range of Temperature Settings

Temperature settings can be set between 34-65 °F degrees.


• Allows you to set the cooler as a “chiller” unit in extremely hot environments
protecting your chocolates and other products that could melt.

5. Route Person Friendly

CoolBlu Coolers do not require a route person to enter into a service mode before filling the cooler. Simply opening and closing the door gives the cooler 30 minutes to cool down to temperature.

• No Thinking Required. Easy filling process
• Once the cooler has been filled, opening and closing the door again resets
the 30 minute timer for extended pull down time.

6. Health and Safety Demonstration Test
At times, you may be asked by State Health Inspectors to demonstrate how the cooler locks when temperature rises above 41°F. CoolBlu Coolers have an easy access feature that allows for this demonstration.


• Reduces down time during health inspections by quickly demonstrating Health
Lock Cooler function.

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